CryptoSlate picks Super to simplify and scale its billing

CryptoSlate is leveraging Super to streamline its fragmented and manual billing processes by moving to its completely automated platform.

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With an advertising business model that requires the frequent creation of invoices, CryptoSlate needed an automated solution that would be a significant improvement over the manual process they had become accustomed to.


A system that CryptoSlate now uses to cut down on the time spent billing, as well as reduce the time to receive payment with Super’s smooth checkout flow and automated payment reminders.

“Super has been an essential partner in helping us simplify our internal billing processes, as well as crafting a delightful user experience in the process"

Nate Whitehall

CEO & Co-founder @ CryptoSlate


Having tried several web2 invoicing platforms in the past, none integrated with key web3 payment flows. This only served to create manual processes that were slowing down CryptoSlate; for example, needing to manually verify incoming crypto payments.

Realising that manually calculating and generating PDF invoices via word documents was not sustainable, the team understood that the process needed a specialised software solution.

As a result, success for CryptoSlate would be an integrated fiat & crypto billing platform that gave them the flexibility to accept payments via multiple options, whilst still automating their downstream billing processes.


Billing that integrates with how they charge (fiat & crypto)

One of the key things that made Super stand out is the fact that it is the only integrated fiat & crypto billing platform on the market. This enabled CryptoSlate to provide a simplified checkout experience for their customers without juggling multiple different links or payment processors.

Billing that automates their downstream processes

With Super providing an integrated billing experience, this enabled CryptoSlate to automate its downstream billing processes including:

  • Payment Tracking

  • Payment Notification

  • Payment Reminders

Saving the team significant time and enabling them to focus on what they do best.


Through Super’s billing infrastructure, and coupled with its extreme customer focus, CryptoSlate has been able to solve its manual processes in a way it wasn’t sure it could previously. And as the team continues to develop, Super is focused on growing with them to deliver a billing experience tailored to their needs.


If you’re interested in learning more about Super, and how it can supercharge your billing as a web3 merchant, schedule a demo today.

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